Disconnect to Reconnect. :D

Have you ever gone without your phone, social media and TV for a week or 5 days? I think that sounds like the biggest and worse punishment we can have in this day in our society. Too many people are addicted to all these things that we can barely even notice anymore, how much it really takes control over our life. OKAY before you tell me how old school I am(and I agree), I think this is very beneficial for everyone and anyone to even just try it for a day, or start off very small and do it for a few hours. You will realize how much of a pull our cellphones have on us, same with watching netflix or TV programs. I remember watching a netflix show called " The Social Dilemma" and oh boy was it kind of scary, especially for the younger generation but even us and the older generation who has now got pro with all the social media apps and TV apps. Basically deep down in the ocean or hide away spot, there is a station of hard drives that look after each of us, basically trying to get us sucked into all the apps, all the advertisement, to spend all our time on these machines and apps, and to keep us coming back. It would be like ooooo Janessa hasn't been on facebook in awhile, let's pop up an add or someone's post that she is intrigued in to get her back, and spend more time in cyber space than anywhere else.

I have to say these 5 days I put my phone on airplane mode, I use nothing on my phone except my downloaded music and if you have never been on airplane mode before, no ads or anything pop up. I think this is the second time I have done no TV, so these hard drives are probably like this gal is a piece of work, the amount of time and effort we have to put in to get her sucked in to what we want, is HELL. I am my own breed and love to do plenty of things that no one likes to do, different and abnormal is the way I love to be. I started doing this about 6 years ago, and let me tell you the first few times, it was HARD, the pull to reach for my phone was insane until about day 3 then it got easier to leave it alone and go on with life. These past two years, the pull has definitely lessened and it feels so freaking good, I literally get excited when I am about to do this because it has given me so much good in my life, even though it puts you in uncomfortable territory, so much is gained. I will say though, I am very happy to be back in social media land because I have built such an AMAZING and LOVING community on there that I have legit missed those connections, even though they are online, it's been such a wonderful impact on my life. especially in these times. Social media is almost a toxic environment and it was a year ago but you are the only one who can change it to something positive and non toxic, and that's exactly what I have accomplished. I have made some meaningful relationships/friendships on that app, I will cherish forever and I love being who I am and dancing the days away with no worry in the world what people think. That is the one lesson I have learned throughout my years of doing this and being uncomfortable in my own life, I don't give a flying F%$& what people think of me, and I know I have quite a few people on the app that judge or just watch my content to hate, even family members, its insane but that's a THEM issue, not mine. Forever sending light and love to those humans because they need it most, so if you are reading this right now, I LOVE YOU and want nothing but the best for YOU.

Okay now onto the magic of being disconnected to reconnect, you really find out how much time you actually how in this life to do so many beneficial activities instead of waste the days away. In these 5 days I have read 2 books, and they are pretty decently sized, took hot baths with candlelight and soaked up all the relaxing my body needed, I cooked and prepared meals for my work days, spent more time working out and doing yoga, got into meditating before bed. I went for a lot of walks with and without music, the amount you notice and are aware of is incredible, the more present you are, the more magic you witness. Whatever we do in life we always have our phones attached to us, checking them 24/7 even when things haven't changed the last minute you checked, yet we still refresh that page in hopes of something. Eating, that was huge change for me because I am usually watching TV while doing it, on my phone or being distracted somehow, someway. I eating became more focused on enjoying and slowly munching down, I noticed a difference in my digestion too. I also found that I am less motivated or craved to indulge into all the treat foods, I have a sugar tooth/mouth but I just didn't feel the need to go out and grab my slurpees and ice caps. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy those things but don't need to be eating them like they are going out of style or somehow will be a shortage. I a lot of our bad decisions come from habits, we are so use to doing things or ingesting foods that it just becomes a habit that we do not have to think about. It took a long time to develop that bad habit and we are more than able to get rid of it but realize it will take more than a day or week to un train your brain those habits.

I don't go fully off the cyber space incase of emergencies so I let my parents know I will be off my phone so if you need to get a hold of me, you can send me an email which I check periodically. Also if people can't get a hold of me, you know where I live too so just show up! :) Email and showing up to people's houses is some kind of wrong doing nowadays, it has become weird and unacceptable. The doorbell rings and instantly our mind goes to " who in the eff is that?" and yes I am one of those people too but doing these disconnects makes you really appreciate human connections that much more, even if it's from random joe who wants to sell you something. Human connection has been lost for a long time but especially these past almost 2 years of the dis ease we shall not speak of has come to light. It's wild the amount of social media and news has down some damage to a lot of people, instilled so much fear that people couldn't even live their life. I will admit the first 3 months I got sucked in to it all, until I pulled myself out and used my common sense, my brain and thought about things. & eventually I stopped watching the news and paying attention to anything that made me live in fear and worry 24/7. I personally think these are worse for our society than better, I will admit they have purpose but everyday it is coming to light how much damage they truly are. So I will keep living the life I have been, disconnect fully or partially when it comes to everything in life.

Last point I will mentions is spending time by yourself, with you and nothing else is a whole level of experience to be had. It definitely can be very hard to do because we are never truly in that space ever for more than minutes because we have so many outside factors that come into play. You will learn a lot sitting with yourself for hours at a time, I think everyone should experience this, it will bring up so many things that you can face and ultimately find peace and happiness. It is very uncomfortable and the one thing that has made me who I am today is getting uncomfortable with myself and doing things that I don't like has changed a lot of aspects of my life, for the better. Yes of course, most times it feels shitty and you have no desire to do them, the is when you should keep going and follow through, you will never be disappointed unless you have that mindset to begin with. At the end of the day you either learned a lesson, got to know what you really don't like (giving it all your energy in trying) or something magnificent came out of it. You will never know if you don't try, so I challenge each and everyone of you do let go of the social media or TV for a few hours and see how you feel. I challenge you to do things that you don't like and that make you uncomfortable, healing with come out of it. Dig into yourself and find all that you have been missing or hiding, I have a feeling you will be where you want to be when you start NOW.

Stay Balanced my friends - I love you. Sending you all the light and love, dances to come since I will be back online. <#


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