I don't just want to throw a diet/workout plan to you and leave you on your own. I want to be there every step of the way to help coach you to a healthier/balanced lifestyle still achieving your goals. After the programs you will have the knowledge to live the lifestlye you want, none of these quick fixes/fad diets that have you back to square one. My passion exceeds most and I want to help you achieve that life you always wanted. I'm living proof, every aspect of my life is 10 times better. 


2 years in the making and I have finally built my own studio gym in my basement. My studio is equiped with a squat rack that has pull up bars and TRX attatched to it as well as a tricep dip/leg raise machine. Olympic bar and weights up to 310 lbs. I also have a set of rings, bench and dumbbell rack up to 210 lbs. On one complete wall is a set of mirrors, another section is mobility and stretching and room to still add more equipment to come. Another addition is a treadmill.

Rates : 60 dollars an hour for 12 sessions or less, 50 dollars for 24, 40 dollars for 36 and greater! :)


This 6 week program will teach you how to live a balanced lifestyle and achieve your goals in 6 weeks. This plan will include a 6 week food plan "guide" and workout plan, depending on how your body adapts to both programs, they may switch a few weeks in to adjust to your changing body. You will have 24/7 access to me via e-mail, text and call. We can also meet once a week to discuss that weeks progress/issues. 


Price: $300



This plan includes everything in the 6 week plan but depending how your body reacts to the training/food plan guide, we will switch things up to keep progressing on your goals. You will learn everything in the 6 week program and I will provide you wiTH all the knowledge I have. After the program you will have the knowledge to live a balance lifestyle and achieve more goals in the future.


Price: $500



If you have been on a plan that has you on extremely low calories and excessive cardio and you are not losing weight, this program is for you. I will guide you with a food plan “guide” and workout program. I will increase your calories each week depending how you body reacts and we will get your metabolism healthy again. We want the body to adapt to the calories so you do not gain weight and can eat more calories, you may even get leaner by doing this. Food is fuel!


Price: 6 week - $300 12 week - $500