I will be posting a few more transformations/testamonies once my clients finish their programs. If you are willing to put in the work, be consistent, patient and enjoy the process, the results will come. I'm super proud of everyone who I have had the privelage to work with and share my knowledge. CHEERS!


​"After 3 years of constant bulking, I finally tried my first cut. Started with a 400 calorie deficit of 2700/day. This was also done with 0 cardio for first 4 weeks. Meal plan and nutritional advice provided by Janessa, she was very helpful and supportive, and was able to answer all the questions I had throughout the process. She is a certified trainer and is currently taking new clients." Bogdan Volk

"Janessa helped keep me on track with my eating and gave me a great work out plan that suited me and my body needs. She will do whatever it takes to help make sure you stay on track to your goal and always goes that extra mile! She will teach you that you can still have the cheat meal too with out having to diet." Brittany

"6 week progress for myself following a balanced lifestyle. I logged in my foods but not as precise as I should/could of. This shows that if you are consistent in the gym and diet, you can still achieve results if you are not 100% accurate all the time. You are suppose to enjoy life, not be miserable. I ate all my favorite foods in moderation and enjoyed the 6 weeks and got great results." - Janessa