My Journey

I am no stranger to struggle in every aspect of life, just like many of you but one that remained a constant in my life was weight management/loving myself. Let me take you on my own journey of how I got to where I am now, the happiest I have ever been in my life.


It all started in high school where I was the skinniest I have ever been but I lacked self-esteem, confidence and was super shy, hiding in the shadows of my peers. On the outside it looked like everything was fine and dandy but the inside told another story, a story that stayed inside for many years later. All around I had bad views about my body, appearance and never was that pretty girl. I would eat my emotions away whilst still working out and being active but you can’t honestly out train a diet with excessive calories.


After high school I ballooned right up, gaining weight as the months went by. I remember I would always tell myself; you are not that big, while looking in the mirror. As much as I disliked how I looked and felt, I would just hide under clothes and put on a happy act for everyone. The struggle is real and as much as I appeared to be this happy, confident person, deep down I was none of that. Even my closest friends had no idea what kind of pain I felt inside.


I ended up tearing my ACL for the second time, this basically put me in depression mode because I made the hardest decision in my life, to quit soccer. If you don’t know me, soccer was my life and I was amazing at it but I made a adult decision that I would rather walk when I’m older. Things just got progressively worse till my surgery date. Two months after my surgery, I felt like absolute garbage and decided to start up a challenge at the gym where I got my body fat percentage done and reached a whopping 41%!!! I ended up dropping 10 lbs and got my body fat to 33%. My first biggest accomplishment that made me feel better inside but them I got the mind set of getting results quickly, doing whatever it takes. In a span of 6 month I went on two diets that had me on extremely low calories and eating that same foods everyday, 3 times a day. Yes, I got the results at the end of the 6 weeks but did I learn from it and keep those results? Nope, I ended up binging after where my weight went back up and while on these diets, I was absolutely miserable.


Those two diets took a toll on my mind and body, I lost hope and just about gave up until I met a co worker at work who also has a passion for fitness/nutrition, she is now a great friend of mine. We talked for a few hours and that moment ignited a fire in me. Why am I going back to the path I have always traveled? I deserve to be happy, I deserve to achieve my goals and get the body I want. I finished my degree and researched a lot about nutrition and living a balanced lifestyle. I decided to do my own 12 week transformation where I was a strict dieter not a restrictive one. My mind set was relieved because I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I met my calories and macronutrients/micronutrients and fiber. The 12 weeks did not feel like a diet at all because I made it a lifestyle, I was still able to go out for dinners, drink alcohol and eat treats in moderation whilst still achieving results. Allowing myself to do these things made me crave those “treat” foods less and I ended up being binge free after the 12 weeks. I now know how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle while maintain my weight and do not have to count calories at all anymore. I am the happiest I have ever been, inside and out. I can’t even explain the feeling that I have everyday and am so blessed that I learned this lifestyle.


I am now onto bigger and better goals, so I’m still tracking my calories because whether you believe it or not, weight gain/loss is all calories in/calories out. I may want to compete in the future or just see if I can achieve a set of abs but in a balanced, healthy way that is sustainable. You can take a look at my progress on my free fitness/nutrition/motivation tips on facebook , the link is on my home page. Let me help you achieve a balanced lifestyle while achieving your goals. I will teach you everything I know so when you are done your program, you are not left in the dust, and fall back into your bad habits but instead go on to achieve bigger and better goals.