Depression, Anxiety, Stress, the worst triple threat.

Depression, anxiety and stress come in all shapes and sizes, every person is affected by any one of them or all of them. The decisions and thoughts we produce decide how much of an affect they truly do have on us. I personally have experienced them all , not all at once. Depression on it's own followed by anxiety and stress together years later.

Today, people who meet me would never expect me to suffer from any of these problems becasue, well, I'm a pretty easy going, happy go lucky producing positive vibes where I go person. So don't judge people because you truly never know what road they traveled and what they endured. To another degree someone can have a great outer shell, hiding the fact they actually suffer from these mental health issues, which was also me because so many things run through your head, you don't want that burden on friends and family.

Depression, each to their own, we will all suffer from it in life, the answer is what do we do to get out of it? There is no simple answer because life is complicated, it's hard and we all have different triggers. The idea is to find those triggers and turn them around. Our mind is a powerful machine, it can take you to so many places, YOU choose where you want to go. Remember that while you read on, YOU have the sole power to be what you want to be, live your life how you want and shouldn't let anyone, anything or your mind take control of that.

My depression, started when I found out I had my 2nd ACL tear in my right knee needing surgery. I had a big decision, one of the hardest to make in my life at the age of 22, do I play soccer anymore or not. Doesn't sound like anything life threatening to the avergae joe reading this or even friends/family in my life BUT to me it was huge. Like I said before, you don't know anyones story so don't think anything is nothing. I decided not to play because I want to be able to walk when I'm older, the best adult decision for me. Months prior to sugery and months following surgery, depression kicks in because I will no longer be able to play the one sport I loved, I cherished, I was amazing at and it was my passion. So many side effects from depression, wanted to be alone, put on a fake smile and attitude, cried, ate my emotions leading to another stage of depression, hating my own body image/self.

AT this rate, I was heading down a very bad path that could get a whole lot worse. The things that can make this go even deeper are your negative thoughts, negative people in your life and living in the past. The only thing that you can do is, drop all that shit. People think that since you have been friends with someone for so long, you need to take their shit, NO, you don't. Why have somone in your life that treats you like shit and brings so much negative energy into it? The best thing you can do for yourself is seperate yourself from all of that, what did that mean for me, and what will it mean for you? Drop those people and things in your life, yeah you may be ALONE but alone is WAY better than being in that negative energy ball. This is when other doors open and you meet new people who become really good friends, you get back on your feet and little do you know, those people you dropped, realize things. Sometimes they come back a better person and sometimes you just let it go. Letting go, it's the hardest thing to do but will turn into the best decision you have made. Things change when you change, you remain the same, you are stuck in the hole and keep digging deeper.

After this things got better but then again negative energy is all around us and I got sucked up into it again a year later. Why ? Because this was a different kind of issue and I've never dealt with it before, this brought stress and anxiety in my life. Stress and anxiety are silent killers, it's crazy how much negative energy in someones life promotes these. I started getting heart palpitations, numb body parts, short of breath and all sorts of physical and mental issues, all because of negative energy. This time around I was quicker to the punch to make a change, again let it go, got it out of my life and boom, more doors opened for positive people and things in my life to enter. Never once was this easy to do BUT the life lessons I have already experienced, it was becoming a repeat to let go, that lead to a better future and I was far from fearing being alone. We get so caught up in life, this is how we should do this, this is how we should look, this is who we should be friends with and so on. NO, all that stuff leads to this tripple threat because we move farther away from who we truly are. Too many people are living a life of someone else and end up living a life of misery and negative energies.

Am I depression free? Yes, for now and I will do my best to always be. Am I stress free? Not totally but work towards relieving it. Am I anxiety free? Yes because I don't let my mind/thoughts control me. We have the absoute power to make any situation a positive one or negative one, I lead a life of positivity because I've been through a hell and negative energy. Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, there is always light at the end of the tunnel which comes from changing your perception on things/people/life. Negative shit happens all the time in my life but I choose to let it go, make it into a positive and make the best of my life because I only have one. I know who I am, I am a weirdo, I don't wear make up all the time, I dress to impress myself, I look homeless when I want too, I workout to benefit myself, not to look like someone else, I eat what I enjoy and don't feel guilty if I endulged and so on. That is me, if you have a issue, well that's your issue, not mine. Everything in life we can change about ourselves, so don't think you are stuck somewhere, make a plan A, if that fails, do a plan B and so on. Don't just sit on your ass and let this tripple threat take you by the leg, no one got anywhere from going through the motions. Make a change, & the change will always start with you, don't go expecting someone else to change for you.

The last two years I've realized so much about so many people in my life that if anything comes close to negative, I seperate myself from it and possibly let it go. I honestly have no time for that shit in my life, the life I want to lead is full of smiles, positive vibes, laughs, the little things, waking up blessed I'm freaking breathing, enjoying the simple things, love and enjoying every minute of life. A life I promote is something that I want everyone else to be able to experience, you are going through a rough time, I will be there to cheer you up. Whether you are a stranger or not, I want to be that person that makes your day, whatever it may be. This is how the world goes round and how I plan to make a difference. My heart is one that is gold for the people who make my life that much better. Once that is crossed, it's simple as that, it ends. People take too many people for granted and people let them, been there and will never go back. People think that once you have been hurt/defeated/crossed by someone, that you have to do that exact same thing back to them or onto others. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Respect and be the bigger person, always because you are worth it. Take yourself out of that negative reality and learn from it.

The last thing I will leave you, is always give someone the benefit of the doubt and always be nice because no one knows anyone else's story. You could be that one person who changes someone eles's life because you were there. Learn to cherish the simple and little things, don't lead life with expectations because more than none, you will end up dissappointed. Spread positivity out into the world and to everyone you encounter, one smile can go along way. The one solution I have for the triple threat is YOU need to make the change and let go of the things bringing you down. If you keep thinking that shitty things, they will keep happening. A shitty thing happened, take the direction of positive mind frames, it makes a world of a difference. It's not a over night fix but once you keep this motto engraved, it will become your life. :)

Stay Balanced my friends - it's the best.


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