Unforgettable trip to the Philippines!

This trip was last minute even though I thought about going for awhile with my co worker and his family. They were up in the air for a bit on going, if they could, then told me March that they were and I was able to tag along with them. Booked the ticket as soon as possible to experience a different culture and lifestyle.

I've back packed to a bunch of different countries so I thought it would pan out to be similar to my previous trips, boy was I wrong. The best part about this, is a co worker of mine texted me the day I was leaving and said, " I have a strong feeling something amazing is going to happen on this trip!" she was absolutely right. I would of never thought meeting total strangers that would become amazing humans in my life. It also let me know how much my heart and soul are raw and rare in this world, and this is not to boast or anything but these humans said some of the sweetest things to me. It was a 3 week holiday, I didn't see them everyday and the time we shared together, they instantly felt my energy and vibes. Something that will forever be grateful for and just melts my heart.

I ended up doing quite a few tourist things which was amazing but didn't come close to experiencing the culture, lifestyle and connecting with my friends family, that by far was the best part of the trip. I am such an emotionally, caring and energy based person that instantly connecting and feeling this way was something else with total strangers. My loly and pop made me feel so loved, wanted and I say wanted in a way that they genuinely cared through actions and so much compassion. Their children are some of the sweetest, loving, fun and respectable souls I have ever met. Everyone family member I met treated me like part of the family and you can't even begin to know how that feels, and not just because they had too. It was true, raw feelings that set everything apart of just being a tourist in their country. The 3 weeks there, I rarely felt homesick and the whole time I was filled with so much joy and happiness from the inside out. This is how incredible energy and vibes flow out of me, they said I am medicine and that when they are near me, the worries go away. My heart exploded and that's all I want to be in this world, is someone who can instantly uplift, accept and love everyone I come in contact with and that came alive. I can't thank you enough for opening up, wanting to talk English with me and caring. We had a short time of bonding but that will last forever in my heart and soul, something that I will never forget and will be back to see my favourite humans.

Let's talk about some culture that I became in such awe of, whenever you enter a house that has individuals elder than you, you bless them. You grab the hand of them and put it towards your head, this shows respect. I fell in love with the whole process and how the children never hesitated to do it every single time without being asked too. Coconuts I learned are the fruit of life because they are used for so many different things, household items, eating of course, making wine and vinegar, milk, oil, used for making fires and so forth. I had no idea any of this except the eating and making coconut milk/oil. The community is amazing because everyone knows everyone, helps everyone out and is very close and connected, something you rarely see here in Canada.

Now let's talk about how happy everyone is down there, even when they only make enough to survive the necessities. Minimum wage there is 300 pesos a day which equates to 7 dollars a day yet they survive and make the best of things. Nothing they take for granted where as here we take WAY too much for granted, are selfish and don't realize the little things in life. I fell in love with this because this is who I am, money comes and goes but it's not what makes us happy. Yes it will make you happier for the time being but it's not going to keep you happy, that comes within. On my way home a song came on and it was the perfect lyric to how my trip was and how they live down there.

" Everybody's tryna get richer, tryna do it better, big, but that don't feel right. I don't want to get richer, cause I got love in the picture, you can't get richer than that."

The song and lyrics are the real deal, I am the richest I have ever been because these humans shared their love, bond, mind, and made my heart that much bigger. This trip had the biggest impact on my life and has changed me for the better, all the materialistic things in life are nothing compared to sharing a genuine bond with humans full of love, laughs and good vibes. As I go forward in life, this is my main priorities in life and for the last 2 years it has been but it's even more so now. This trip also showed me how special I really am as a family member, friend and stranger and that's the kind of people I want in my life. I added family to my life that I never thought would of happened.

Thank you all for being you and inviting me into your lives, see you REAL SOON !!! <3 XO


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