It's not all about the weight lost...

We all tend to focus on the scale weight going down when we want to reach our goals, many of us lose focus on what's happening in the gym. The increase in weight for exercises in the gym is just as important, or even more important than wieght loss on the scale.

When we change our bodies, we can change body composition without losing weight on the scale. You can still weigh the same 4 weeks later and see a drop in body fat % and see a significant amount of change in pictures. The scale is a guide and help but sometimes we let it take over our minds and get discouraged.

I think we should all focus on the achievements we make in the gym to further increase our weights and progress. The way we build muscle is time over tension and progressive overload. Progressive overload is basically each time you work out a muscle, you want to either increase your sets, reps or weight, only once you have completed with proper form. Time under tension is using a specific weight and doing the movement in a slow controlled manner, therefore producing more tension to the muslces to promote growth. This form of muscle building is usually used with a lighter weight than you normally can do.

So get your head out of the weight scale and how it's not dropping, and focus on increasing your sets, reps and weight on your exercises. Be proud of your accomplishments in the gym, they will keep your spirits up and push you to keep going.


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