Mental Health

I recently wrote a facebook status as follows " Mental Health : If you are going through depression, emotional stuff, hardships and so forth, just remember YOU are not your thoughts. Take a step back, think of your thoughts, disagree with them. Just because you lost your job, doesn't make you a loser. Don't believe them, counter them. This process is not over night, but make it a habit and then you will find yourself in a happier place. "

Everyone in society is looking for a quick fix, well sorry to burst your bubble, there is not quick fix to being healthy in all aspects of life. It's just like playing a sport, when you first start you are not going to be the greatest at it, what does it take? PRACTICE. Same with mental health, getting into a postitive space, it's a skill set, you have to practice day in and day out, then it becomes habit. Most doctors now a days throw everyone on a pill which basically hides the feelings, numbs you so you feel better but you are no where near being good. No one is actually facing their problems and coming up with a solution, we just mask it all or run away from them which instantly makes it worse. Depending on the depression and how much you have actually worked to help deal with it, some people need those pills. I guarantee you though, not 90% of our population should be on them but in the end we want a quick fix and not work hard to face our fears/problems.

One thing I have learned about meditation is that you don't need to be obsolete of thoughts, you need to recognize that they are there, anaylze and then let them go and focus back to your breathing. This can happen a 100 times within a 10 min session but it's practice and habit that makes this easier. It will not happen in one session. Another thing I have learned is that YOU have to take time for yourself, it could be 10 mins, 30 mins, 2 hours or more, however much time, you need to do things for you. Some examples could be reading, sudoku, going for a walk, shopping, dancing in your kitchen, singing, meditation and so forth. The more you make time for yourself, the more you can reflect and become a better you. The more you attack/face your fears/problems/worries, the happier your life will become. The more you run from them or put them on the sideline, the more they build up to lead you into destuction mood.

Our mind has a crazy power, it can do more harm than good if we let it, the key word LET it, so work your ass off to not let it get you down. We have the power to react, to change how we observe/look at things. Once something happens, we have the ultimate decision of going positive or negative. Honestly negative stuff is going to happen to us regardless and you can't blame people or things for it, own up to it and change it towards something good. I recently watched a movie called "Wild" with my best friend, what a eye opener movie, one that hits you right in the emotions/relfections. The main character in the movie is dealt with some shitty circumstances, and decides to not do anything about it for a long period of time until she hits the ultimate low and her mom passes. She decides to do the Pacific Crest Trail which ultimately changes her life BUT the thing is, all those shitty things she did to herself had made her end up here, life changed for the better. So as we deal with shitty circumstances, you really have to think that they make you a better person in the end, only if you are in that mind set and are ready to change. NO one can force you to change or influence you, it comes down to you willing to do it, then thats when YOU change your perspective on life and things.

One quote I got from the movie is " I am lonelier in my real life than I am out here." So much truth to this statement if you think about it, most of us have a bunch of friends and family but are we really connected with them? Or are we just going through the motions. The more you spend alone, the greater chance you find out more about you, the better you become aquainted with living life. You are not stuck living someone elses life or the life that you think you should live, you get out of the "this is how life should be". To be truly happy with yourself and ultimately love your self is the real winner here, not the money you have, not the materials you have, not the abundance of freinds you have, nothing is comparable to being the true YOU. Here you will find when being alone, you won't feel depressed, lonely and so forth, it will be such a gratifying feeling that will project out to other aspects of your life. So many great changes can be had in this state, very fulfilling.

To be honest, this is how I feel, it's something that I hope everyone can experience and achieve in life. Yes, I will always be tempted with negative feelings/things but it's up to me to not let them get to me, as well as run at them, observe/react then let it go. Energies around us will portray positivity or negativity, YOU have the chance to change that with your mind. Anything you take away from this blog is that everyhthing in life is going to take work and practice, mental health is a skill set that takes everything you got to change for the better.

Stay balanced my friends - It's better on this side.


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