Friendships, cherish them.


Sometimes we lose ourself in life, it can become so busy or we just don't appreciate what we have because we are focusing on the future, what it will be like. It's great to always have goals and reach them but are main focus should be the present because who know's what tomorrow will bring. Society now is all about I or ME, whatever we can do to get ourself further in life and we lose sight of being together, enjoying life and making memories with people we love. We may focus too much on our diet than who we are surrounded by. I really hope you all took the time to spend with your family/friends for the holidays, priceless memories.

I'm only 25 years old, still a young bee but I have experienced a lot about life, people, friends, energy, lifestyle, negatives, karma and just becoming the best Jan that I can be. The two things that I have taken out of life is the simple/little thoughtful things and the love of a true friendship, going through hard times, getting space and then finding our way back to each other. Everything described in the picture brings a smile to my heart, if you are fortunate to have this kind of friendship in your life, never take it for granted, be blessed and grateful. No amount of money, toys, or gifts will make you as happy as finding a true friendship/relationship. You deserve the best so never settle for the rest. People will come and go in your life, they will be a lesson or a blessing, each has it positives out of a negative situation.

A true friendship doesn't mean you have to be with each other every day, every minute or all the time. This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in awhile, those moments where you see eachother sincerely smile, laugh and honestly enjoy each others company. The words of kindness, love and precious moments of them saying you look very beautiful tonight. The hugs and kisses that your heart wants to explode by all the love in the air. I'm so happy that I can sincerely experience this kind of friendship and love, all I feel is blessed and grateful to have these kinds of people in my life.

When you don't have to act like anyone else, when you don't have to hide things from each other, when you can be goofs around each other like no one is watching and don't care if anyone is, when you can sit in silence and be at peace, when you cherish those hugs, kisses and special words, when you laugh till you cry and are with each other every step of life, near or far. That's when you have found a soul mate in a relationship or friendship.

If there are some word of wisdomI can give you, is step away from social media and doing things just for you. Embrace the people around you and make those endless memories. Love like there is no tomorrow, grow together, listen to each other and work together on problems.

To my friends who I have this connection with, you know who you are. Love you to the moon and back, cheers to many more memories! #priceless

Stay balanced my friends - its better on this side.


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