Restrictive Diets... Stay FAR FAR away from them.

If you have a coach or trainer right now that has you on a plan that you can't eat this or that, quit now and sign up with me. I will show you the way, coach you and give you all the knowledge so you can succeed on your own afterwords. PLUS I will charge a significant less amount of money. Contact me for details. I value educating individuals, motivating them, not hte value of making tons of money.

Restrictive diets lead to eating disorders, it may not be the ones we are socially aware of, anorexia and bulimia BUT the one that is most predominant is called ORTHOREXIA. The trend in life now is that there are so many foods out there that are characterized as bad foods, leading people to avoid these certain foods. ORTHOREXIA - is basically a mental/eating disorder that people fear foods. People who are on restrictive diets develop this disorder because their mental state is all about clean foods and foods that they can't eat to feel/look a certain way. This in my opinion is worse on your body than actually eating a fast food burger here and there. The amount of stress people develop and anxiety is damaging to your mind, body and soul. So you may think you are doing good to your body but in reality being unaware, shades over your eyes, becoming narrow minded that you fail to see the damage you are doing.

Individuals who are on restrictive diets, will most defientely see results, they can defientely get to their goals BUT will they be happy doing it? Will they enjoy the whole process? Will they have a social life? The majority answer will be NO. Don't get me wrong some people can pull this off and love it but that's very seldom of the general population and competitors. So why do we pay people to set up plans like this for us? Because we want results fast, we believe in myths and not enough science, just because someone has competed before gives them no right to F*** with your life and well being because they got their pro card doing this. Sorry for the profanity but my heart/passion is set out to make lives better in all different areas of life, not just physique wise.

When we want to achieve goals more so in physique we should be strict dieters, not restrictive dieters. The meaning of this is that you can eat things you love, enjoy but you have to be strict about it, eat them in moderation and balance. This is hard to achieve in the beginning because there is so many people saying this and that, internet adds and TV commercials pulling us to either extremes and us wanting fast, quick results. Well my friends, the faster you drop the weight, the quicker it comes back on. I just recently saw a friend's girlfriend at the gym who competes and I'm pretty sure follows a strict plan, did very well in her competitions but totally ballooned up right after. Think of what this does to your mind set? You just added 20-30 pounds weeks after competition, you feel depressed and are back to where you started because you failed to incorporate foods you love and crave. The more you restrict foods you love, the greater the craving you will have later on. Why not incorporate this foods into your daily life and soon the cravings will dissappear because in your mind says it's okay to eat.

If you are taught/coached to incorporate these foods into your daily diet, you will have sustainable results because you will not have a constant binge cycle. I am one to witness and go through this personally, I can't say that I have ever had abs or ever competed but one thing I can say is I 100% love my body and enjoy my life to the fullest. I can go on vacations and eat according to balance and moderation without the vacation pounds when I get back. It tis a wonderful feeling but I'm a person that loves to se where I can take my body, so I'm still in search of abs and a Christmas tree back but hell no I'm not going to make myself suffer in a restrictive way to get them. They can be achieved in flexible dieting ways, you just have to open your minds and come to the lighter side. Your body, mind and soul will thank you later.

Cheers my friends.

Stay balanced - life is better this way.


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