The benefits of creating goals.


Goals they help you achieve the end result, they are your helping stones to get to the finish line. Many people focus on the long term goal and have no plan of attack within the period of this long term goal.

Long term goal: 6 months and greater

Short term goal: anything under 6 months

Monthly goals: each month you want to achieve something

Weekly goals: each week you set out to accomplish something

Daily goals: each day you get something done

These time frames can be different for anyone, I just put a guide out there to give people an idea.

All of these have purpose towards your final result even if they don't line up with your long term goal. For example my daily goal above is to read every day where my long term goal is to achieve a fitness physique, to my understanding that has nothing to do with each other. Instead of looking on the outside, seeing that it has absolute no rhyme or reason, take a deeper look. Reading everyday, whatever book it may be will build up you mental capacity, fulfilling your mind with power and knowledge that can help you in the later stages of getting you fitness physique. Mind power will help you out in everything in the world not just my long term goal, it has it purpose in life to produce a better me, a better quality of life.

Another daily goal I made this week was to set my bed everyday, yeah i am lazy and never did it because my thought process was, "well, I'm just going to be sleeping and messing it up tonight." When you look on the outside, it has nothing to do with my physique goals but looking past that and digging deeper, it honestly starts my day with a fresh start. I'm not groggy or lazy in the morning, I feel I have purpose and to start my right. As well as has me more organized in different parts of my life and I'm proud every morning that I do it.

The daily and weekly goals made, when I accomplish them, I feel this great satisfaction and it keeps me going. The best kind of satisfaction is your own, you don't need anyone else to pat you on the back or say good job. Those are nice as well but once you set of a goal and complete it by yourself, it's a whole other feeling. These are what honestly keep me going in life, my long term goals and to produce a better me. Everything we do in life may not have a purpose when we do them at that moment, but trust me there is always a purpose whether we realize it now or later.

Whoever takes the time to read this, honestly start making these goals, then can be small and don't have to specifically add up to your long term goal. In the end, anything you set out to do will add benefit to your long term goal. I'm all about making a better person, whether that be you or I. So start NOW! You will thank yourself later.

Thanks for reading friends, keep a balance life.


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