We wake up, we have ideas, we go out and get them, sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. Doesn’t mean we will never get where we want to go, the road becomes that much harder than others, making you grow in ways that you never “saw” in your previous vision.

So many situations in life happen where we can’t control, yet we let our minds take over and sku our judgment, our happiness, and take away from what’s really important, YOU. We tend to focus on the whats/whys/hows and so forth of other people, other things that should not pertain to our happiness and journey. The past is in the past and the future is not guaranteed, all we have is to focus on where we are now and how we will make the next day better than today. Whatever your end desire is, we have the power to choose how we react to situations that interfere with our path, take the route less traveled.

Sometimes we have thoughts of if, I had this amount of money or if I knew this person or if I had the wealth to not worry about where I’m headed, life would be that much easier. Truth be told some of these things could definitely get us to our places quicker, they could relieve some stress, and they could make life easier. BUT the blood, sweat and tears that you are experiencing now is what changes, develops and gets you to where YOU are suppose to go and be. So many things can happen in a day when you are struggling and hustling to get where you want to be, think about just being handed the end goal. What would be different? You could of lost that moment of inspiration you gave to a total stranger, a friend or family member, you could of missed out of that unforgettable smile you achieved from that moment of struggle. An simple example would be taking a cab somewhere instead of public transportation, quicker and less interactions while taking a cab versus public transport. Public transportation would take you longer to get to end destination but the interactions, feelings and thoughts you encounter surpass a usual cab ride. Of course different circumstances can happen in both BUT in general the growth you achieve taking the more difficult route will leave you with greater attributes later in life.

In the end, everyone is going to struggle whether you had everything handed to you or not. The difference is that the individuals who struggle from the get go, achieve something about themselves everyday that turns into growth. The individuals who get everything handed to them will struggle in the end when they have to deal with things on their own, whenever that time comes. So don’t assume that someone else’s life is better than yours because we only get a birds eye view, outside of the bubble view of someone else's life. One of the greatest things in life is when you get to change someone elses life throughout your journey. So pick up your head, smile daily and when those negative thoughts attack, perspective my friends, you are on a journey that will light up your life and many others. Take those negative actions and produce positive ones, the mind is powerful BUT in the end, you have the ultimate control on how things go and end up.

Stay balanced my friends,


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