Bird Shit, speeds up your metabolism!!


It's a new liquid out there that will speed up your metabolism!!! TRY IT NOW!!! Honestly I'm sick and tired of hearing so much BULL SHIT in this industry, about this new pill or food that will speed up your metabolism. People would actually eat bird shit, if people described the benefits of it so enticingly, or if you threw Dr. Oz behind it. STOP trusting the internet, commercials or people in general, do your own research and ask educated people. They are truly hard to find.

I witness so much shit on social media, that sometimes I get real upset over it because people complain about being the way they are or they think that operations should be covered because you deserve it. Everyone is looking for that quick fix, sorry hunny there isn't one unless you want to pay huge money to get it done, even then it's not guaranteed.

I've never been strong until now, I was never skinny my whole life and now I'm strong. What happened? I stop listening to bull shit, I researched on my own, I work my ass off in the gym and I'm making my eating a lifestyle NOT a diet. I worked 6 am till 9 pm the last 2 months yet I still get my shit done in the gym, yes that means up at 4:30 am to hit the gym for 5 am. How bad do you want it? Most people say they want it but really don't and then complain about it later why they aren't seeing the results. NO, you can't complain or feel sorry for yourself because you aren't working hard enough. OR you are working hard on all the wrong things. Why eat 6 meals a day? it speeds up your metabolism... NO. Why do steady state cardio for 45 mins to an hour? because it burns lot's of calories... NO. Why eat extremeley low calories? Because you will lose weight and keep it off .. NO. Why carb cycle if you are miserable or hate life? Because it works better than eating the same carbs everyday... NO. The only thing that boosts your metabolism is building muscle, you don't do that on a cardio machine. Yes, cardio(steady state) is good but use it as an addition to help you lose weight, not the sole focus. Or do my favorite HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) type of cardio, more beneficial for fat loss OR if you love doing steady state cardio, do it BUT make sure you are consuming enough calories.

All these things I described make your life a living hell, unless you literally enjoy it, then keep on doing it but there are WAY better ways to come about losing weight. Excuses like I've had kids, its no freaking excuse. I've witnessed mom's who have gotten close to what they were before and have tightened up. The key is WEIGHT LIFTING, NOT cardio. You do cardio all the time, you won't tighten up a damn thing. Excuses that I don't have time, READ ABOVE. Excuses that something is wrong with me medically, go to the doctor and find out but more than likely you destroyed your metabolic capacity but doing one or more of the things listed above. Excuses that it's genetics, NOT VALID, you can still achieve a healthy body, may not be ripped but you can be lean. So before you tell me that you are working your ass off, following ways that are sustainable and being patient with the process, you are not doing all you can to get where you want to be.

Last week I was a complete idiot and didn't meal prep on 1600 calories, my week sucked!! Do I blame that on someone else? NO, I man the fuck up and learn from it, this week is WAY better. So many people blame everyone else for their problems, whether that is is fitness, losing weight or drama in their life. Take a step back , own up to what you are doing. Don't lie to yourself.

I can say all this because I just did a 16 week experiment that still lead me to enjoy night out with friends, eat whatever foods I wanted and worked my ass off in the gym. Through this I achieved balance and a physique that I love and better off strength that I never thought I'd get or love!!

RANT OVER - it just had to be said because no one wants to put in the work to succeed.

Stay balanced my friends - It's better on this side. New blog next week on my 16 week transformation. Stay Tuned!!


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