I'm all about that lifestyle, about that lifestyle, NO diets. :)


Yes, you bet I used the lyrics from Megan Trainors "All about that bass" song and switched it up for this purpose. It's the truth, why do we endlessly diet and yet never achieve the results for a long time or lifetime. I understand life get's in the way sometimes, we slip up but this never ending cycle of a roller coaster effect is bad for the mind and body.

The first image on the left was a 6 week diet that I found on instagram and completed it. Looks like I got real great results physically but now this doesn't compare to image 2 on the right. Those 6 weeks, the highest amount of calories I was on was 1400 and lowest was 1100, eating endless amounts of chicken, veggies, tilapia and potatoes. I was able to have a cheat meal 3 weeks in and did I ever. I felt absolutely horrible while eating that meal or should I say day filled with foods that I was forbidden to eat the rest of the time. I wasn't allowed to have sugar, even fruit for that matter. This whole 6 weeks I was miserably and ended up not being able to eat chicken breast for the longest time, I also binged my life away to re gain all my weight. I was doing an extensive cardio regimen that made me even more miserable. Worth it? HELL NO. I had a great looking physique but was un happy even though I looked great on the outside. & that physique didn't even last which made me even more upset and dissappointed with myself, total mind fuck.

The second image is in a span of 12 weeks of using a protocol If It Fits Your Macros and being flexible with my eating habits. Basically nothing is off limits for me but I have to be mindful of what I am eating, keep it under control and portioned out. Works wonders for a person learning to eat for their body and educates them on portion sizes/control. Looking back at these 12 weeks, never once did I feel like I was on a diet, it just became a lifestyle. I still drank alcohol, some nights got drunk and still ate forbidden foods like slurpees, donairs, chips, pizza and so forth on the daily. Slow and steady wins the race, I took my time with only doing 3 workouts a week, 6 HIIT cardio sessions in that time frame and decreased my calories at a slow pace. I would increase my workouts first before I even touched my calories. (I LOVE FOOD) When I first started I was able to eat more calorie dense foods compared to what I'm eating now because I'm 400 calories lower now and have to eat to stay satiated(full). 3 more weeks to go and I think I may be able to pull off a set of abs, never in my life did I ever think I could get this far. Why? Because I had that mind set of being controlled/restrictive by food and that I had to be 100% all the time, that's where I failed previously.

In all honesty, it all comes down to consistency, hard work and patience. I was consistent with my diet and working out but not 100% all the time, I want to enjoy life. I could of been more strict with my numbers and such but I'm here now, I want to cherish all my moments with family and friends. & if that comes down to a Saturday night getting drunk or a sunday funday eating lot's of junk and not counting, Im going to do it. I don't do this every weekend, and I have not seen it hinder my progress yet.

GUESS WHAT? I'm the happiest I have ever been and it's not because I look thinner than the first picture. Every aspect of my life has changed and it's one of the greatest feelings in the world, the physique just adds to that. The amount I have learned about myself and have grown, is incredible. Throw all those diets out the door, they are trouble. Make it a lifestyle so you never have to look back or become what you were before.

Stay Balanced my friends - It's better on this side.


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