The Only Person You Should Be Is YOU.


Why do we let society control us? It throws our mind and body for so many loops that we lose track of who we really are and truly want to become. Society pulls us left, right, up, down and really whereever the F it wants us to go. In all honestly, it's time to put a STOP to it because it's getting us no where except being depressed, sad, mad and defeated because most of the time we can't live up to those standards.

Anyone can be whatever they want, some may have a more difficult route getting there but in the end no two people will be 100% the same. So stop comparing yourself to the person next to you, the person in the magazine, a celebrity or anyone for that matter. Everyday someone is coming up with something that will improve you, your body or physique so you can be the next fitness model.

One protocol will not work for everyone so stop getting sucked into anything you read or see, research or ask some knowledgable people that can explain. Also, just because someone looks a certain way does not mean they are healthy at all, they may look good on the outside but the inside is a whole other whirlwind.

Healthy to me, is NOT a state of appearance, its actually far from that. Healthy is being comfortable with yourself, in your own skin and every aspect of life, consisting of mind, body, energy, stress, happiness and physiologically. If one area is lacking, you slip away from being the healthiest you can be because you let outside forces control you. Same to say with being beautiful, anyone can be beautiful on the outside because we have things like filters, fillers, make up, injections and so forth but a beautiful persons shines from the inside out.

Looking back to a couple years ago, I was that person who wanted to be someone else. I followed new trends, wanted to be like my friends and wanted to stand out because that's whats cool and in. On the outside, I was doing just that and life was good.... NOT. I didn't even know who I was, felt lost but thats okay because I fit in to something I really didn't want to. Numorous times we all do this and feel like absolute crap, but how? We look so good on the outside, it just doens't make sense. We do things that we don't want to do to make a statement? To fit in? To be like someone else? To be cool?

The best thing I could ever do, was to throw that bullshit aside and be ME. The weight lifted off your shoulders is incredible and one of the best feelings in life. I can honestly say I am comfortable in my own skin right now, in every aspect because I don't care what people think or say. If I want to be something, whatever it is, I will do it, not because someone else is or wants me too.

You may lose friends in the process, you may be alone, you may have to start from zero but once you finally be YOU, you will feel this sense of fresh air. You will be able to breathe, let loose and do things that you have always wanted to do. There is NO perfect body or perfect person, so stop searching or trying to become one. Be the best YOU that you can be, life will get in the way but you decide which route you take.

Last note : Society is screwed up , let's change that. BE YOU, make a difference!

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