The 3 main things to get results : Consistency, Hard Work & Patience.


We as human beings want everything in life by the snap of our finger, we expect to get places or things in life by half assing it. Well let me be the one to burst your bubble, life doesn't work this way, it may for a short period of time or work for some things BUT you are cutting yourself short in the long run. Most of the time you will jump 4 steps ahead and then sooner or later you will be 8 steps behind where you started.

Consistency : stick to a plan and keep going after your goals each day, don't go up and down like a roller coaster because that leads to bad habits and never ending dissappointment. It will leave you with good and bad vibes all the time, in such a way that it takes a toll on you mentally. To be consistent with something it has to appeal to you and be enjoyable, so don't eat foods that you hate, don't do workouts that you dislike, do all the things that will make a lifestyle sustainable. If you are just starting out on your journey, pick 2 or 3 days that you are accountable to get to the gym, don't set a high standard like 5-6 days out of the week because it may not be sustainable right now for you, giving you stress you don't need. Think about it, you set 3 days a week for the gym every week compared to 5-6 where some weeks you will go once, some maybe twice, and some 4 or more times. In the end which will yield better results in a 12 week plan? The 3 days a week because 3 X 12 = 36 days in the gym where as the second option, you have lets say 1+3+2+1+4+1+2+6+1+1+2+3 = 26 days in the gym. You fill that will a consistent macros and boom 3 days of the week does wonders! Consistency my friends it was will seperate you from the rest.

Hard Work : Everyone has different fitness levels but hard work for everyone should be the same because you are busting your ass in the gym, out of breath, muscle pumps and red faced or sweaty! You end a workout, you feel satisifed and feel the burn and coudn't pull through another set or rep of those exercises. Fitness levels may differ, so your hard work may look different than the next but you still come down to the same conclusion. There is none of this half assing shit because that won't yield results and if you think it will, well sorry you are up for dissapointment, very seldom in life do you get things you didn't work for. If you are following a nutrition plan, that is hard work and takes consistency too, so you can't just count macros one day and not the other or next few days. If you cheat the system, you are cheating yourself and it will take you that much longer to achieve your desired goal.

Patience : Patience is virtue, honestly. If things don't change when you want them too we go all crazy and do drasctic things that will hinder us more in the end. Stay calm and collective, trust the process if your part 1 & 2 above are on check, it will come. If you are training with a trainer, have faith in them and trust them because they should know what they are doing(majority don't when it comes down to nutrition though). SOO be careful in who you choose to lead you down this journey. The weight on the scale may not drop so don't give up, follow up with pictures as to the one above. 1 pound loss but looks like a hell of a lot more, that's the beauty of gaining muscle and losing fat.

I would like to end this blog with the picture above, this chick right here had trust in me since day 1, she never hesistates to ask questions about nutrition, exercises and the process and so everyone should if they are being coached. Also she is following a flexible diet so in the process she is learning control and this plan is sustainable to a busy lifestlye/enjoyable one. If you want results, you should be on a plan that is strict on portion/control not restrictive on to what you can and can not eat. Remember she went from 1300 calories on rest days and 1500 calories on working out days to now consuming 2000 calories, the body is a science my friends, don't let anyone tell you different!

There is NO secrets, magic pills or juices and quick fixes so STOP!

Stay Balanced my friends - it's better on this side.


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