New Year New YOU ? ! .....


This seems to be the saying we all hear every New Year. As I always say actions speak louder than words so to make this truly happen, you need to work for it. You get nothing in life by just saying words, it's very simple to break your word to yourself or to others. The simple action of writing down those words will have a greater impact on you than just saying them. You will physically see those goals everyday, you won't be able to hide from them or put them on the back burner. Don't follow the norm or what is trending because that's not YOU, you are simply tryng to be someone else that will leave you feeling miserable because you can't hold up to those standards. Each year you should produce a bunch of actions/goals that will make your life better that will subtly make the world better while doing it. The more you actually work on YOU, the better everything else will be.

Actions that we can use to achieve a new you as follows :

1) As I said above, simply writing down your words/goals with have a huge impact

2) Find a friend that will motivate you in whatever change you want to happen, example : workout buddy, someone who is more organized than you, someone who can make you laugh more etc.

3) The more you surround yourself with likeminded people, the more you will come out of your shell and do things for you

4) Always give a listening ear, you may not agree with the person but you could learn something from that person or situation

5) PERSPECTIVE !!!! The one that takes the cake! Shitty things can happen to you but it's up to you to decide how you will handle it. Work on this, seriously. Will change your life

6) Start counting calories/macros, make a effort to understand what you are putting in your body and learn control instead of doing these crazy meal plans. The more you do this, the more you learn and will be free of counting and rebounding. Honestly

7) REMEMBER!! We are all human, we make mistakes but instead of feeling guilty and pondering for days on the situation, move on. It is what it is, out of you control so do something that is in your control

8) We don't do things that will hinder our progress on purpose so when things go wrong, take the positive ride throughout the issue or positive road away from it.

9) Last thing, these are not all overnight fixers, it takes work to achieve a new you, a new life, anything in life!!

There we go, I hope some of these points help you on your journey, exactly that, this is a journey not a one time thing. These can all work for anything you want to achieve in life, whether it be the gym, personal, relationships, hardships, work etc. Before you decide to do anything, design a plan and attack it! The plan does not have to be bullet proof because things will come up and you will have to choose a different route so be aware of that. Nothing is written in stone so whatever may hit you, be ready to conquer it a whole new way!!

Whatever you desire to achieve all depends how bad you want it, in the end.

Stay Balanced my friends - It's better on this side!


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