The importance of micronutrients, fiber and a active lifestyle. :)

We all know that fruits & veggies are healthy and that living a active lifestyle is beneficial to our overall health but sometimes we get side tracked 2 ways and lose the importance. 1 out of the 2 ways is "clean" eating, where we focus on strictly healthy foods and CAN'T have any other foods except these certain ones. The issure here is even though they are great for you, TOO much can have a negative effect on your body, some vitamins in excess hinder other vitamins from working in the body. Variety is key, so when you are faced with a diet that says you can only have these foods and not these, then we have a issue. I know a lot of diets say you can't have fruit because of the sugar, well fruits are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help achieve a healthy body.

The 2 out of 2 ways is we don't pay attention at all to what we are consuming and don't get the right requirements which can lead to health issues. I am going to be truthful, the last 3 weeks I have been eating like absolute shit, consuming the bare minimum micronutrients and fiber which has definitely impacted my health. As I said before, I don't get the flu shot or really like to take any pills to fight off a sickness because I believe you can achieve a great immunity off great quality foods and a active lifestyle. My point being for this blog is don't be on the extreme sides, know why and how micronutrients/fiber and activity benefit your health and want to eat them or exercise, not because someone said so.

So as I was saying, my diet has been crap, pretty much all fast food and on Tuesday I noticed that I was getting a tickle/dry/sore throat in the morning. NOOO I must be getting a cold. Back to reality here, my dumbass has been treating my body like crap with the food I've been eating, time to smarten up or else I'm going to pay for it. & it will be all my fault, I would have no reason to whine and complain about being sick. It's time for me to kick up my smoothies packed with micronutrients, get adequate sleep and eat healthier foods. In this time frame I still kept going to the gym but my food habits slacked so you can see what 1 but not the other can do to you. Well today I woke up fine, feel alright... alittle bit of the sniffles but I am conquered to not get a full blown cold.

My previous post in November was about prevention instead of treatment, I have yet to take any cold pill or what not and I'm slowly getting better. Well if I was smart I should of just ate healthier but sometimes we fail in life and this is how we learn. You only have one body, so treat it the best you can or else you will pay for it later, this does not mean you can only eat certain foods and can't eat others, it's all about balance and moderation. Get your nutrient dense foods in first and then the last 15% of your food can be a treat, it will not affect your health in a bad way.

I'm going to leave with a end thought here, never have a mind set of "I have too" , switch it to "I want too" and everything will fall into place, it's a journey, not a quick fix. So whenever you can get your micronutrients/fiber in with foods that you love and be active, doesn't necessarily have to be the gym, just get active. Your mind, body and soul will thank you and soon enough you will see the results, better immunity, energy and physical traits.

Stay Balanced my friends - it's better on this side. :)


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