Diet Pills, Juicing and Detoxing ? WHY?!!!!!


When we want to lose weight, these 3 things come to everyones mind because in a sense they are a quick fix and deem to be "healthy". But the end result these DO NOT make you those weight or have any effect on dropping weight, the main reason why we lose weight is a deficit of calories.

Diet Pills - I think it's more of a mental game, you take them thinking they curb appetite and suck out the fat but in reality, you are mentally aware of eating less. You would be surprised how much everything in life is a mental game, if you can figure that out and work on it, you wouldn't need to spend endless money one pills to change you. The one ingredient in diet pills is caffeine which does aid in weight/fat loss because it gets you going, so you have more energy to to burn in the gym, NOT because it has magical powers to dissolve fat. The more energy you have to perform in the gym, the more calories you burn. This equals to more calories expended then ingested which equals weight/fat loss. :) So do not waste your money on this pills, it's a quick fix and after they are gone, what is going to happen? HAve a cup of coffee before the gym or but caffeine pills that are cheaper and you get more bang for your buck. You will put the weight back on and you have no knowledge on living a lifestyle, all you know is that this pill works but it doesn't. Mental game ladies and gentlemen, take the slow and steady pace, and conquor your mental state on how to live a lifestyle rather than jump on the quick fix.

Juicing - Hell juicing is awesome because you get all your micronutrients, so I say heck yes to it BUT NOT to lose weight. So the heck yes to juicing for me does NOT mean you are on a liquid diet. Which for most cases juicing is broadcasted and advertised as a way to lose weight/fat, well yeah it will because you are consuming like NO calories. So after you finish your consecutive days, you will drop 7 pounds and be all happy and shit. Well quick results come to a quick rebound, that weight drop is mainly water weight but we see these results and keep going because well damn, this is awesome. So now you are done your juicing phase and BOOM eating normally.... Weight creeps up and you get bigger then you were before. So once again, quick fixes are not the answer and do more harm than good. Use juicing as a form to get all your micronutrients/fiber and still eat other foods in the right portion sizes and work on control.

Detoxing- This one is a big thing nowadays, all over the internet and commercials. Well hell, it sounds super healthy and great for everyone to do. Many people do this to lose weight once again and you do because you are on yet a liquid diet. Substantial drop in calories and boom we are dropping weight like flies. Detox, the only thing that detoxes our body is our human organ, the liver, this is it's function. So yet again, our mind plays a huge role in thinking things will detox our body. The blood from the digestive system enters the hepatic portal circulation, the hepatocytes monitor the contents of the blood and flush out any unwanted toxins before reaching the rest of your body. So NO, there is no foods or cleanses that detoxify your body, so don't spend money on them. Yes, there are foods that aid in better digestion, immunity, circulation and overall great for the body, so eat them. All these detoxes and cleanses people do are just silly and if you are using them to drop weight then may god be with you on that miserable journey of shitting acid rain and such.

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