Why do we always rely/want quick fixes ?

The flu shot sparked this kind of blog because I get hounded a lot in the hospital setting to get one. This post is not going to be about bashing the flu shot, it has it's benefits especially for the young and elder who's immune system is not as good as it use to be, as well as people who have decreased immunity. SO if you get the flu shot, cool beans, but I choose not to get it and we will take a look on why quick fixes should not be the answer.

If you think about it when it comes to anything that we want, we always try to find the quickest and easiest route to get to it. Examples are weight loss, amount of money, fixing a illness, traveling somewhere, and knowledeg/experience etc. When you reach where you want to be in this short amount of time, you don't have any idea of prevention or actually getting down to the problem. Influenza happens every year and there is more than one strain which the flu shot only takes care of, so you can still get the flu. But yet we always come up with vaccines or shots that are "quick fixes" to this problem. So instead of jumping the gun to get a flu shot if you are a healthy individual why don't we use preventative measures for a long term probelm solving? What I mean here is, wash your hands all the time, feed your bodies with nutrient foods that have vitamins to boost immunity, cough or sneeze in the crease of your elbow not your hands and get to the gym or wherever to be active. My idea of a flu shot for me is " the gym and pomegranates." :) Also if you get the flu, you have it for a few days and boom you are now immune to it, you let your body naturally fight off the bug.

The best form of immunity is getting active and eating nutritious foods but we never focus on that because that is too hard and I have things like pills, shots and drugs that will take away my diseases/illnesses/problems. Another quick fix is depression/anxiety pills, which many of us suffer from and don't want to take other measures to help because this simple pill will work. Yes, it will work in putting the problem to the side, it will never get rid of it because once you get off of it, it will be there, so you are stuck to a pill for the rest of your life. Preventative measures, find the problem of your anxiety and depression and once you have the issue you can take long term measures to fix the problem. Try meditation, take yourself out of that situation, take up yoga, fill your mind with happy thoughts and spend time with people who bring the best out in you. I have anxiety/panic attacks, debated taking drugs for it but knew if I worked hard in taking those negative thoughts out of my head I wouldn't have to. It didn't happen over night and it was hard to overcome, I still get them but I know how to cope and turn it around without extensive suffering. The mind is a powerful substance and can be controlled without drugs, you just have to be willing to work long term and take preventative measures.

So why do we all focus on quick fixes? Because they are easy and we don't have to work at all, we have things that we think will make all the problems dissappear and we will be happy. We focus on healthcare when we get sick yet we don't think twice on the preventative measures that could have by passed the visit to the doctor for a illness/disease. You are so quick to jump to a pill or drug, a treatment or something that will fix the problem NOW, and can reappear again and again. Why is it so hard for us to take a hour out of our day to get active/workout and the rest of the day to eat healthy foods? Because we are lazy and we know that there is a pill for everything that is wrong with you. & once we get hit with a real life threatening illness and disease, we take all the measures to be healthier and to fight it, where in some cases this could of been preventable.

Sometimes we get hit with illnesses/diseases unexpectedly, no matter how healthy and how much prevention we have done, that's life and it sucks. What I'm saying is that everyone should invest in their health now with nutrients of foods and living a active lifestyle so we can skip the visit to the emerg or doctors. You only have one body/life so make it a priority to feel good/healthy. Focus on the long term and your quality of life for your mind and body will be 10 times better than focusing on the quick fixes that get you no where.

Seriously think about this, everything in society has us set up for the quick fixes, let's change this together. Start now and you will thank yourself later.

Stay balanced - life is better on this side.



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