The Deceiving Weight Scale.....

By far one of the best moments of my life happened July 5, 2014. This September will be 3 years since I've started my journey to achieve balance in my life whilst achieving my goals, I've been shot down so many times, disappointed and even thought to myself, why am I even continuing? Well in that time of my life, all I wanted was quick results, I wanted to look like someone else and I wanted it now.

Well, sorry Jan and everyone else out there, it doesn't quite work out that way. In the end, all this does is mess up your mind in the process and makes things harder than they actually are. The weight scale can be your worst enemy in the process and make that mind of yours more messed up. But I am here to tell you to screw the scale, DO NOT make it define you, who you are and what you are set out to accomplish.

April 5, 2014 I set out to do a summer cut to achieve abs, although that never happened which I'm totally okay with because I got something worth way more than a set of washboard abs. Everyone, including myself wants to look a certain way, whether it be to show off, be better than someone or feel better about themself. Totally WRONG way of doing things in life, you should fully work on loving yourself and be the best person you can be for yourself, not anyone else. In the end, all you have is you for the rest of your life.

6 weeks into the process I counted my macros, not fully accurate or on point but I was consistent about it and killed it in the gym. After those 6 weeks, I just wanted to enjoy my life, not saying I didn't when I was counting but it can get annoying and I wanted a break. Before I would go overboard and binge my life away, not anymore. I knew enough about my body, that I still ate my treat foods, alcohol and went out for dinners in moderation. That saying I still ate healthy, did not count or worry about my calories/macros, and did not worry about looking a certain way for summer. I felt good about myself everyway possible and life is freaking great!!

Here we go, July 5, 2014 I go for my second bod pod test 12 weeks later. I didn't follow my plan the last 6 weeks but wasn't uncontrollable in my diet, so I'm thinking coming out with a body fat of 24%, and I'm okay with that because I've achieved balance. At the end of the test the lady says, " you are 19% BF." "UH EXCUSE ME" I say, totally shocked out of my mind. I just got under 20%, which has been a goal of mine and I would achieve it next time.

ON CLOUD NINE!!! The pinnacle moment of my life was not the 19% body fat but how I achieved it. Everyone goes to so many extremes in trying to achieve goals or look a certain way that it derails us from the best part of it all. I achieved balance and honestly enjoyed EVERY moment of this process. Important word : ENJOYED, the process. I embraced everything that I had to offer in life. Every part of my life was amazing and to hear those results made it 10 times better.

Moral of story, ENJOY what you do and the goals you want to reach because I've been doing this for a long time and finally figured it out. All the times before, I just wanted results, didn't enjoy anything about it. It makes one hell of a difference. As well as I did this counting macros, not as accurately as I should of or not at all, still eating "dirty" foods BUT I worked my ass off in that gym. I focused more on my weight going up in the gym, than my body weight going down. :)

In the end if you check out this photo, my weight stayed the same but there is a crazy difference in muscle mass, fat mass and body fat percentage. So get your head out of the gutter (aka weight scale). Be consistent, have patience, work your ass off in the gym and ENJOY the process.


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