L O V E .

Love is something we all have different definitions, experiences and thoughts about. Love can be given and received in so many ways, but in the end it's how we perceive that kind of love.

I've never been "in love" romantically just yet but boy have I ever felt "love". The love that makes your insides feel some type of way, sets a different kind of energy in you and vibrations are on a whole other level. These connections that I have encountered in life, are my type of love, this is the kind of love I hope to find in my significant other. That moment where you are with someone doing nothing but are so content and happy. I believe finding these connections in life have made me figure out what I truly want in life, how I want to feel. Someone's soul speaks volume of love to me, it's the craziest feeling ever and so unexplainable. Being "felt" by another human being means being integrated by the mind, where we share different thoughts but relate with each other. If you have ever met someone that is your soul family, you know what I mean. The simplistic feeling of sharing laughs, smiles, eye contact, stories, opening up and realness are something to never take for granted.

Love has no limits, you can find it with anyone in this world, it can develop into something so special, you never want to let it go. Love can always damage and hurt you so bad that you need to let it go, but never disregard it altogether. Especially if you been hurt from a romantic love, you may miss out on so much other love in life. I have never experienced that heart break but being broken by people you thought had your back can be just as bad. These stabs in the back, heart break can corrupt our mind and feelings of love, the real courage is to not let it. The years that I thought I knew love in friendships taught me a lot about myself when it all came crumbling down. To tell you the truth, if this never happened I would of never knew the "love" I know now, that honestly makes my heart smile.

As much as it would be nice to be in a romantic relationship and sometimes we crave, I am fortunate to build these other love bond connections. I am single but I'm not lonely or alone, I will not sacrifice myself to be comfortable. Society and culture set us up for this life of being with a man, settling down and having kids but really nowadays slim to none are actually in true love. We do what society/culture/family wants us to do because we have to play the part. Well I say fuck playing the part because I'm out here finding and making magic with my world. Judge me, talk about me and critique me because all I know is that my heart is going where I want it to, not where you want it to.

Love, find someone or something that unleashes you and sets you on fire. It can be a passion of yours, it can be friendships, it can be a stranger that turns into soul family or a romantic partner. Never substitute YOU for the the you they want you to be though, that is lust and will soon lose its flame. Love, is also a two person effort, give and take while the main focus is always communication. One day I will find the love that I have with my priceless friendships but until then, I am soaking up all the love given to me and releasing all the love I have to people in my life. Sometimes I love way to hard but wouldn't have it any other way because it's one of the best feelings ever even though sometimes I get hurt, it's just a new lesson learned. The amount of magic that can happen when you don't hold back, are true to yourself and open up, its fire.

Love it hurts so good, sometimes.

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