Off the grid but so in touch...

One day I decided to live 4 days without technology(cell phone, social media, TV, and computer) except for work purposes. The questions people asked me constantly were Why? How are you surviving? I would be lost without my phone, aren’t you? & so forth. Cell phones and technology are great but I find we waste so much time on them rather than actual living, as I listensed and thought about those questions, I reflect on how crazy they sound. This topic is going to discuss what I learned about life, about me, a whole new perspective on everything without techonolgy, each day.

Day 1 – I’m going to throw this out there, 90% of the population would have withdrawal symptoms a few hours in without a phone. I had no such thing BUT I did notice for the first day that I would look down on the console in my car for my phone. After that left me, I instantly felt free, freedom I have never felt before because I wasn’t constantly on social media or waiting for messages/phone calls to come. I basically could do what I want, when I wanted and didn’t have to count or wait on anyone. My energy levels exploded through the roof, I swear there is something in electronics that suck all the energy you have. A 15-16 hour day felt like nothing and I was happier. Along with the energy levels came the amazing sleep cycle, my mind went to peace and easily fell asleep reading a book.

Day 2- At work on slow days, I would always be on my phone playing candy crush, on facebook, searching the web, well sorry Jan, not this week. I felt more productive at work and less lazy, on times where my duties were done, I would exercise my mind playing Sudoku. I would walk around my building, actually paying attention to people around me, co workers and strangers, this is where I realized what an actually smile can do for someone. Like I said in day 1, I felt happier so to smile at others made the whole world a better place. Not being connected to a phone showed me how to actually LIVE life and not just be in it, in the shadows waiting for stuff to happen. The biggest thing that started in the second day but realized even more throughout this experiment is how much social media sku’s our views of people and the world. I had nothing entering my head via social media, radio, news and so forth to jugde or believe what they said about others. Something so simple/little made my absolute day today, a boy of middle eastern descent saw me coming towards the doors and waved his hand across the automatic door to open it for me, he smiled, I said thank you and he responded with you are welcome. Social media screws us up of being good people, we see shit on facebook or news and we automatically think that just because something bad is happening in a different country, everyone there is bad. Without all this bullshit flowing around the web, our perception wouldn’t be altered at all, so smarten up and be human.

Day 3 – Today was a day of communication, actually giving all my attention to listening to people I’m spending my time with. Not to half listen and half be on your phone, the people you are talking to via text, or checking facebook/instagram will be there after you are gone. The moments we have with friends, loved ones, family together are the memories that last forever, not something posted on the web. Be one with people, actually be there and you will get so much more out of life. Here is a day I learned how to control anger/feeling shitty, no sense in getting upset over little stuff or things you can’t control. I noticed that I would get upset or attitude over things that are not my issue but I let them get to me, so I literally talked myself out of it and let go of the situation. I noticed that majority of us wait for someone to initiate a hello, a conversation before we even think about doing it, I personally think we should all initiate conversations to people we don’t know. I realized it that day because I was working out at lunch, doing my thang and an older lady was in the gym working out as well, I’ve seen her there before but never acknowledged her. I decided to ask her how it was going, she replied nicely and we had a quick minute moment that made both of our days. It’s so nice to do this because it goes back to people being good people in general and they don’t have to know you. A gesture goes a long way and it could be simple as a hi, we are all in our own worlds and forget that we all make the world go around.

Day 4 – Re – learning self worth, there are no people or social media to take you away from that because you are in the zone, only you to get you through. Motivation in the gym and confidence are reached even more so on this day, technology is gone so all you have is your own mind to get you to the next level. The word “time” is always a negative in life, we never have time to do things we want and so forth, in reality technology wastes our time foolishly. Take that out of the equation and there is so much opportunity to get things done, do things you haven’t done in a long time and reach goals. More in tuned with my body, was able to go swimming with a friend Thursday night and enjoyed every minute of it, if you ask me the last time I did that? It's been a long time, another thing I relaized is people are more reliable becasue they can't get a hold of you to cancel or make up a shitty excuse. You make a time and place to meet, so if they don't show then shitty on their part and shows what kind of person they are.

Day 5 – I turned my phone back on and it was great because I missed being in contact with people BUT once that phone was on it was like a instant attachment. I can’t even explain the feeling but it’s like a ghost, always there, the spirit(energy wave) lingers for you do something with it.

In the end all these things I’ve learned made me realize so much more about myself, the world, people, and how to be in the moment. All I want people to get from this blog is to be in the moment with people who are physically with you, stop listening to bullshit that social media produces and make time for things and people you love. We are all in this world together; lets make it a better place and not let technology take over us as humans. If you ever experiment without technology, please email me after you completed it and let me know you thoughts!

Stay Balanced my friends - its better this way.

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