Enjoy your diet.


I’m a strong believer that to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, you have to be flexible with your diet. Who enjoys being on a strict plan of brown rice, chicken and broccoli everyday and 3 times a day? Some do, which is fine. Each to their own but to achieve weight loss or muscle gain, you have to be on a plan that is sustainable. Not one that will get you results quick and then after you blow up to where you started. Let me coach you to not be on a diet but to live a balanced lifestyle once you have completed my program.



There are very FEW people in this world who have the mind power to stop cravings, For most of us, why would we ever want to stop eating the foods we enjoy? The more we restrict foods, the more we want them. I can teach YOU how to incorporate your favorite treats and still reach your goals. Losing weight is a lifestyle, it shouldn't be a endless yo-yo diet.


Don't ever let a diet control your life, you should control your diet whilst enjoying every second of life.  

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I've been through all those fad diets personally, I have felt the ups and downs until 6 months ago. I have changed my life, I'm happier and enjoy my life while still reaching my goals. Let me, help you and start your journey today to be a better you. No diet, just a lifestyle. I will work with you, coach you so after the 6 or 12 week program, you will have all the knowledge to maintain your goals.


CSEP-CPT, BPE - Concentration Nutrition

Weight Loss Management Certificate

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